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Seb Kouyoumjian and Mark Finney


SEB & FIN Architects is headed by Mark and Seb. We have been friends since meeting at architecture school in 2004, and started working together in 2019. We like our work to be subtle and thoughtful, we are both keen to avoid wasting space, energy, and materials.


Before drawing anything, we like to spend time getting to know our clients, how they live, and their hopes for their project. We take these things and inject a little bit of our own flair, obsession with detail, and practicality, and our clients have been happy with the results (so far).


I'm Seb (on the left), full name Sebouh Kouyoumjian (Seb-oo Koo-yoom-jan), a chartered architect and Certified Passive House Designer. If I were trying to impress you, I'd say I like the calm and perspective you can find in nature as much as I enjoy the buzz and convenience of cities. I enjoy cycling, running, playing music, and reading. But really, nothing beats watching The Empire Strikes Back on repeat.


I'm Mark Finney (on the right), I'm from the UK and qualified as an architect originally in South Africa, and then in the UK. I'm a good project manager, given I live with my two unruly daughters and even more unruly wife, Nicole. I love learning about and exploring nature and wildlife, and hurtling down a hill on a mountain bike or trying to keep up with Nicole on a long-distance trail run.

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