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Sketch pad


We provide a concept-to-completion service:

  • Sketch ideas (useful when purchasing a house)

  • Applying for planning/Listed Building permission

  • Applying for Building Regulations certification

  • Detailed drawings/specifications for pricing and construction

  • Administration of the contract you will have with your builder

  • On-site inspection, quality control, and troubleshooting


No two projects are the same, but you can use the below table (tap to expand the table) as a rough guide to how much a typical project might cost. Guide prices include VAT at 20%.

Architects London + Bristol Pricelist


Basic: For those on a budget who only need us for planning and Building Regulations approvals. For people who are happy to agree details with their builder on the fly. 

Standard: For anyone inexperienced in having building work done. We take your requirements and turn them into construction drawings and specifications, capturing all the joyful details. We hold your hand through appointing a builder, and inspect for quality issues and regulatory compliance.

Ultra: Perfect for those who want a highly-energy-efficient home, like Passive House or EnerPHit standard. 


Regardless of the service you choose, the work will be executed by us with the same high level of professionalism.  


A combination of 1) considering how long we expect the work to take, 2) the value our work is likely to add to the property, and 3) how complex the project is (more complicated designs need more drawings if they are to be built properly).


An architect's prices should be viewed alongside build costs and the possible uplift the work will bring (using average sales prices in your area). E.g. in NW1, sales values average at say £10,150 per square metre.

Among others, we use this site for an idea of sales values:

The Homebuilding & Renovating Guide calculator can help you estimate build costs:

Last updated: November 2023

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