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Community Centre Approved in Hammersmith!

Our proposal for a low-cost, high-impact community centre (our first such building) at Linacre Court Tower in Hammersmith has been approved at planning committee.

The first stage of the project involved listening to and challenging the needs of the Tenants' and Residents' Association (TRA), and moulding the project budget to fit those needs.

We explored six options for positioning and orientation of the new building, and settled on a spot southwest of the residential tower, which makes the most of the southern aspect and existing trees, without being too close to the tower to cause noise disturbance to the residents, or too tucked away to present a vandalism risk.

The site's proximity to the Hammersmith flyover was also a challenge, however this building will be triple-glazed (for noise and thermal comfort) and will have a filtered ventilation system with heat recovery (called an MVHR), removing pollutants from outside air before passing it into the building. The MVHR also recaptures and reuses warmth from extracted air during winter months, meaning lower heating costs to the TRA.


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