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Holland Park Apartment Renovation Completed!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We are really happy to have reached completion of renovations to our Client's apartment in Holland Park. The space was previously in poor condition, dimly and unevenly lit, with lowered ceilings, uneven damp floors, and an unusual layout (and an even more unusual extractor hood in the kitchen - particularly dangerous for taller people!). Some of the photos below show the condition of the apartment when our Client acquired it.

The project involved effectively starting anew. Working with Helene Bowden Design, we reorganized some of the spaces to add a bedroom (which involved a forest of temporary props to insert new steelwork), and dealt with historic structural and damp issues. We replaced all the external windows and doors with conservation double-glazed units. New floors, lighting, cabinetry, and soft furnishings were installed, and ceilings were raised to their original height where possible. The bathrooms were completely renovated to make them more spacious, and easier to maintain. The whole apartment is finished with bespoke cabinetry - concealed storage, custom study shelving and desk, and kitchen. The hand-made media unit and master bedroom headboard have oak-ribbed doors concealing ample storage.

In all, construction took 6 months, with Seb + Fin Architects project managing as well as acting as architect and lead designer.


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