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Listed Building Consent in Hampstead

We are happy to report a Listed Building application for one of our Hampstead clients has been approved by Camden Council.

The consent is for a new en suite bathroom at an early Georgian Grade II Listed house.

Before making the application, we lead informal discussions with Camden Council’s Conservation team. With some simple sketches, we presented the proposal as not only providing a useful amenity for the client, but also undoing some non-historic irregularities, without damaging historically important features.

Having pre-application discussions gave the Council confidence. Pre-apps are especially important on Listed Buildings as councils take a dim view of construction which 'harms' historic buildings. It also gives the council and an opportunity to raise concerns, or make suggestions.

Having a pre-app ‘de-risked’ the chance of getting a refusal. It also meant the application avoided the things which usually make planning a tricky process; no objections, no pre-commencement conditions, and no requests for additional detail.


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